Partnerships & the Nutrition Cluster


SMART is a practical tool that can be used by humanitarian field workers for technical support and training. It establishes a comprehensive capacity building and support system that will be accessible to all partners. This will expand the use of the standardized method among national and international agencies, improve data quality and enable decision making based on accurate data.

Occasionally, different partners collaborate to improve and further implement the SMART methodology in developing countries. These partners can be from any of the following:

  • Donors
  • Universities, research institutes
  • UN/International Organizations
  • PVOs (Private Voluntary Organizations) /NGOs
  • Local governments; Ministries of Health
  • Individual experts

Involvement with the Global Nutrition Cluster

The Global Nutrition Cluster (GNC) is a group of 33 members from various NGOs involved in nutrition, which meets regularly to exchange information on nutrition emergencies at the global level. With UNICEF as the lead agency, the GNC develops open access to institutional archives and resources for cluster implementation in a user-friendly manner.

For more information, please visit:

Support to all agencies during emergencies

Governments, UN agencies, and International NGOs conduct hundreds of surveys per year. Their response capacity in mid- to large-scale emergencies is compromised as they struggle to find adequate financial and human resources to meet urgent survey needs. In order to respond to these interagency survey needs, ACF-CA provides relevant organizations with technical and human resource support funded by USAID. Consequently, ACF-CA organizes and deploys the necessary operational and financial means, and the human resources to undertake a survey.

Presently, ACF-CA has funds to provide technical support throughout the survey process, while other crises may call for more comprehensive assistance during mid- to large-scale emergencies. Our help can range from the following:

  • Full survey support where our SMART Specialists would be deployed to assist survey needs.
  • Remote technical support for planning and conducting surveys.
  • Trainings in the SMART methodology and/or initial supervision of surveys.

Please contact the SMART Program Manager at ACF-CA, Victoria Sauveplane, to discuss the feasibility of our support in SMART:

Global Pool of SMART Master Trainers

The Global Pool of SMART Master Trainers is an initiative developed by ACF-Canada to increase the number of qualified staff members trained in SMART. With the SMART methodology being increasingly used as the standard for organizations wishing to undertake nutrition and mortality surveys, finding appropriately qualified survey personnel is a constant struggle.  Senior nutritionists or survey managers interested in becoming SMART Master Trainers will work with GNC lead agencies and develop institutional expertise in SMART.  They will also serve as the go-to for trainings conducted by both their agency and NGO partners.

A SMART Master Trainer would need to attend a survey manager level SMART training, and then co-facilitate 2-3 SMART trainings while being mentored throughout this process by the ACF-CA SMART staff and members of the SMART TAG. ACF-CA will keep Master Trainers abreast of key methodological advancements and familiarize them with the most up-to-date training materials and tools in SMART.

Due to this initiative, ACF-CA has developed a partnership with Concern Worldwide.  Our SMART Specialists have co-facilitated their trainings and vice versa, and in 2011, a SMART Master Trainer from Concern assisted in the facilitation of 3 trainings organized by ACF-CA.  As well, ACF-CA SMART Specialists co-facilitated the first ever inter-agency regional training in South East Asia (Cambodia) in early 2012 in a new partnership with Save the Children-UK.

If you or your agency is interested in joining the Global Pool of SMART Master Trainers, please contact ACF-CA at

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