Upcoming SMART Trainings

An upcoming inter-agency Survey Manager-level SMART training will be taking place in the coming months: 

A Regional SMART Training for the South East Asia organised in partnership with the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), ACF-Myanmar and ACF-Canada, will take place in English in Yangon, Myanmar on September 10-18, 2014

This training is aimed primarily for staff from local Ministries of Health and organizations/institutions directly responsible for the planning, supervision and/or data analysis of nutritional surveys in these regions. Please apply at the following link by Thursday, July 31st: 



**Please note that filling out these forms does not guarantee your place in the training, as the number of spots is limited.  You will be informed by email within 5 days after the closing date if you are selected to attend.

In the event you are not selected, please keep applying for future trainings.  We greatly appreciate your interest in SMART and we look forward to seeing you in one of the trainings soon. 

SMART Methodology - 2012