What is SMART ?

SMART (Standardized Monitoring and Assessment of Relief and Transitions) is an inter-agency initiative launched in 2002 by a network of organizations and humanitarian practitioners.

SMART Methodology is an improved survey method for the assessment of severity of a humanitarian crisis based on the two most vital public health indicators:

  • Nutritional status of children under-five.
  • Mortality rate of the population.


APPLICATIONS NOW OPEN! SMART Survey Manager Trainings for Europe and West Africa will take take place in May 2014. For more information please go to the SMART Calendar section of this website.
UNHCR Standardised Expanded Nutrition Survey (SENS) guidelines. Based on SMART, now available in English and French: http://www.sens.unhcr.org

Preparing survey teams in SMART

The SMART standardized survey methodology incorporates elements of nutrition, mortality, and food security for emergencies or surveillance purposes. It was developed to be used with the user-friendly ENA software.

1 SMART Manual
The SMART manual provides agencies & field workers with basic tools to collect data necessary for planning direct interventions in emergency settings, as well as for surveillance.
2 Standardized Training Package (STP)
The STP harmonizes the procedures and tools used throughout the survey process and is broken down into 9 modules.
3 ENA Software - Click to Download
ENA software is the user-friendly analytical program recommended by SMART.  It saves time and effort by simplifying both survey planning and data collection via integrated calculators.

SMART Methodology - 2012