Technical support

The SMART Regional Coordinator provides technical guidance and support in developing survey protocols and assisting in anthropometry training needs for National-level surveys, while engaging with a range of regional consortia and coordination groups. 

Recent events

East Africa Region SMART meeting (January 2015)

  • Organized by ACF Canada as the SMART Project convener and UNICEF ESARO, the workshop was held in Nairobi, Kenya from January 28-30th.
  • The objectives of the meeting were to share technical updates from SMART, share lessons learned, and identify priority needs in the region.
  • Workshop participants included key stakeholders from across the region with emphasis being given to government staff for sustainability purposes and UN agencies/development partners.
  • Presentations were given on the recent National SMART survey in Tanzania, Kenya’s experience with nutrition technical support during their 2013 DHS, and Tanzania’s experience with their National Nutrition Survey.
  • The SMART team at ACF-CA presented the availability of modules for different training levels including Master Trainer course, Survey Manager, Field Supervisor and Enumerator level trainings.
  • UNICEF ESARO affirmed their commitment for SMART initiatives in the region with an increased focus on national authorities for sustainability.
  • Key outputs of the meeting include:
    • A guidance note for the development of the mortality plausibility check;
    • Identification of specific needs and priorities for countries in terms of capacity building, technical support, capacity building and technology & research;
  •  For more information, please see the meeting report.


Technical support for the first National SMART Survey in Tanzania (August – November 2014)

The SMART team at ACF-CA was involved with the process of developing and implementing the first-ever national SMART Survey in Tanzania (August-November 2014), providing technical support for training of government staff and enumerators and for survey data analysis. The final survey results can be found here.

Technical support to the Nutrition Division of Kenya’s Ministry of Health for the DHS survey (June 2014)

The SMART team at ACF-CA supported the development of manuals, tools, training, standardization, and data collection supervision for 336 enumerators through a collaboration with the Ministry of Health for a DHS in Kenya (June 2014).