To meet partners’ suggestions that closer ground support should be provided to agencies, SMART East Africa was established November 2013 to work with country level structures such as national level health, surveillance, information management and food security working groups to share information, promote SMART and support their technical SMART needs.

An official launch of SMART East Africa took place in November 2013 at the Nutrition Core Group Meeting, which exists within the Regional Food Security and Nutrition Working Group managed by UNICEF, ACF and FAO. Partners and donors participated in this meeting to better understand the objectives of the SMART project at both regional and global levels. To ensure transparency in decision making and identify key priority areas, a mapping of regional country needs and demands regarding SMART was carried out at the beginning of the project.

As the representative of SMART to all nutrition agencies in the region, SMART East Africa provides technical guidance and organizes capacity building events in the region.