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    When a selected household has children 6-59 months with a physical disability that prevents them from standing or laying on their backs, do we exclude them from the anthropometric survey?


    Blessing Mureverwi

    Such a child would not be excluded as surveys normally collect other data apart from anthropometry. In any case, the first thing is to establish whether weight can be taken as your question makes it clear that height is not possible. With the mother-to-child scale (as well as the salter scale if the electronic one is unavailable) the weight can be taken. This can be recorded. The height will be recorded as missing, and a note will be made for the supervisor to know why height was not measured. The general practice that is encouraged is not to exclude any eligible children.



    To add some points on Blessing, disabled children that would otherwise be eligible should be included where possible. If it is not possible to measure height and weight due to deformity or other abnormality, the child should be given an ID number and the data recorded as missing (and a note taken). Of course, with missing height, they will not be included in the final sample unless they have oedema.

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    Would MUAC tape measurements suffice in lieu of the W/H measurements for children below 59 months?

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