SMART Community

The SMART Methodology was developed and is implemented by a community of partners, NGOs and experts.


Technical Advisory Group

The Technical Advisory Group (TAG) is a group of eminent experts in epidemiology, emergency nutrition, nutritional security, early warning systems, and demography who created the SMART methodology in collaboration with partners from the CDC, universities, United Nations, and various NGOs. The TAG is responsible for the continuous enhancement of SMART based on field experiences.

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Global Project Convenor

During a meeting on SMART in Rome in April 2008, the Global Nutrition Cluster Assessment Working Group noted that a lack of institutional leadership of SMART had hampered its development and implementation over time. Consequently, Action Against Hunger Canada (ACF Canada) was established as project convener for SMART, ensuring a link between the technical advisory group, users and experts.

Presently, the SMART Convenors at ACF Canada (funded by ECHO and USAID in collaboration with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) provide training and technical support in SMART.

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Project Staff

The SMART Project Staff at ACF Canada conduct SMART trainings and provide support on the methodology to other partner agencies around the world.

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SMART is a practical tool that can be used by humanitarian field workers for technical support and training. It establishes a comprehensive capacity building and support system that will be accessible to all partners. This will expand the use of the standardized method among national and international agencies, improve data quality and enable decision making based on accurate data.

Occasionally, different partners collaborate to improve and further implement the SMART methodology in developing countries.

These partners can be from any of the following:

  • Donors
  • Universities, research institutes
  • UN/International Organizations
  • PVOs (Private Voluntary Organizations) /NGOs
  • Local governments; Ministries of Health
  • Individual experts

What is the Global Nutrition Cluster?

Today, SMART is recognized as the standard methodology by national Ministries of Health, donors, and implementing partners of the Global Nutrition Cluster such as international NGOs and UN agencies that wish to undertake nutrition and mortality surveys. The Global Nutrition Cluster (GNC) is a group of 33 members from various NGOs involved in nutrition, which meets regularly to exchange information on nutrition emergencies at the global level. With UNICEF as the lead agency, the GNC develops open access to institutional archives and resources for cluster implementation in a user-friendly manner.

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