Recommended Survey Equipment

Q: What type of equipment is recommended for anthropometric measurements during a survey?

A: To measure length/height, it is preferable to use wooden measuring boards as opposed to aluminum boards which can get very hot in the sun and burn children. The measuring board should be at least 130 cm long and made of hardwood with a hard water-resistant finish. Choice of woods is important. The board should be light enough to be easily carried in the field from house to house. The board should have two tape measures attached to it, one on each side, and they should be marked out in 0.1cm increments. The board should be easily set upright to measure height with the head piece of the length board becoming the base when the board is set upright.

You may refer to the SMART manual for more details on the recommended measuring equipment. Through the forum on this site, we encourage that you share with other users the contact information of suppliers/manufacturers you recommend in your regions for purchasing good quality measuring equipment.


You will find below the contact information of suppliers where good quality equipment can be purchased: