SMART Project

SMART Strategy Review 2015-2017

The SMART-Strategy Review 2015-2017 provides an overview of the key achievements of SMART over the past three years.


SMART 2016 Global AWG Report

The SMART 2016 Global AWG Meeting Report covers shared field experiences,  key updates, lessons learned and good practices among nutrition partners.

SMART Strategy 2015-2017

The  SMART Strategy Plan for 2015-2017 is available here. Please feel free to contact us with any questions.

2015 Year in Review

This annual review presents the actions SMART has taken in 2015 to provide decision-makers with the ability to collect reliable and accurate nutrition and mortality data.


Capacity Building

This project will organise training events based on needs and context, and prioritized when emergency survey needs arise in a particular geographic area. In complex emergencies where heightened survey needs occur (i.e., situations of famine), ACF Canada will work collaboratively with experts from the CDC to ensure that a member of the CDC with technical expertise in epidemiology is present at capacity building and/or technical events for the SMART methodology. Please sign up for our newsletter to receive the annual/bi-annual training schedule. The schedule will also be available on our Calendar page

Emergency Survey Support

During humanitarian crises, the response capacity of governments, UN agencies, and International NGOs may be compromised as they struggle to find adequate financial and human resources to meet urgent survey needs. In order to respond to these inter-agency survey needs, ACF-CA provides relevant organizations with technical and human resource support. Consequently, ACF-CA organizes and deploys the necessary operational and financial means, and the human resources to undertake a survey.

For more information, please click here.

Please contact the Senior Program Manager, Victoria Sauveplane, to discuss the feasibility of our support in SMART

Global Pool of SMART Master Trainers

With the SMART methodology being increasingly used as the standard for organizations wishing to undertake nutrition and mortality surveys, finding appropriately qualified survey personnel is a constant struggle.  The Global Pool of SMART Master Trainers is an initiative developed by ACF-Canada to increase the number of qualified staff members trained in SMART. Senior nutritionists or survey managers interested in becoming SMART Master Trainers will work with GNC lead agencies and develop institutional expertise in SMART.  They will also serve as the go-to for trainings conducted by both their agency and NGO partners.

Senior nutritionists or survey managers interested in becoming SMART Master Trainers will work with GNC lead agencies and develop institutional expertise in SMART.

A SMART Master Trainer would need to attend a survey manager level SMART training, and then co-facilitate 2-3 SMART trainings while being mentored throughout this process by the ACF-CA SMART staff and members of the SMART TAG. ACF-CA will keep Master Trainers abreast of key methodological advancements and familiarize them with the most up-to-date training materials and tools in SMART.

If you or your agency is interested in joining the Global Pool of SMART Master Trainers, please contact ACF-CA:


For other types of training and dates, Visit the SMART Calendar

SMART Global Project: External Evaluation 2015

In April 2015 an independent external evaluation was commissioned to assess the performance and achievements of the current SMART project, Improvement of inter-agency coordination and management of emergency nutrition assessment information through SMART”. The evaluation is a valuable resource to SMART, complementing internal monitoring activities by Action Against Hunger Canada and suggesting recommendations for the future design and strategic direction of the SMART global project.

SMART Evaluation Summary