The following package is the set of materials specifically designed for Enumerator level training (individuals who are collecting the data in the field). You may either download the whole package or download specific tools that may interest you. For slower internet connections, please download the PDF version.

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Training Manual, Presentations and Handouts.


Enumerator Training Manual

The training manual comprehensively outlines all of the steps to running an enumerator-level training, including participant selection and logistical considerations.

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 The following are modules that will assist you in enumerator trainings.

Included in each Module Package are the Presentations and the complementary Handouts.

Module 1 - SMART Overview and Survey TeamsRead MoreHide

  • Conduct intro exercises and share any experiences involving measuring children.
  • Review the timeline and components of SMART training.
  • Receive an overview of SMART methodology.
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Module 2 - Questionnaire and Event CalendarRead MoreHide

  • Identify and understand the different components of the survey questionnaire.
  • Identify and understand the different components of the cluster control form.

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Module 3 - Anthropometry and MalnutritionRead MoreHide

  • Define malnutrition and its various forms.
  • Identify measurements used to determine  types of malnutrition.
  • Calibrate a digital scale and measure a child’s weight.
  • Calibrate height boards and measure a child’s length or height.
  • Calibrate a MUAC tape and use the tape to measure the mid-upper arm circumference.
  • Perform a test to determine if a child has bilateral edema.
  • Interpret Z-scores using weight for height WHO Growth Reference Charts.
  • Interpret MUAC scores.

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Module 4 - Quality ChecksRead MoreHide

  • Identify potential measurement and selection mistakes.
  • Identify the objectives and the principles of the standardisation test.
  • Describe the procedures for the standardisation test.
  • Interpret the digital preference scale (DPS) of the plausibility report.
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Download Quality Checks PDF

Module 5 - Sampling MethodsRead MoreHide

Correctly identify what to do when confronted with special cases (HH or child selection).

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Module 6 - Mortality Questionnaire Read MoreHide

Execute correct mortality field procedures including:

  • Questionaire
  • Interview Techniques

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